"I am extremely grateful to budget fitness as I have come such a far way..

I really don't think that I would have made it this far without your help.

And the plus was working with you, Juanita.
You always checking up on me, making sure I'm happy with things.
And I truly appreciated it when I managed to clear the judgment and debt review and other things, and you called me and you were more excited about it than I was. It made me feel and know that you with me all the way through this.

Now that I've found a house, I'm hoping this part is just as smooth sailing as the rest, and trust it will be.

Again, a BIG THANK YOU to budget fitness and especially Juanita van Vuuren."



"Hi Meyer,

THANK YOU for assisting us to experience this AMAZING solution of becoming “Proud NEW HOME OWNERS”
We are all BLOWN AWAY at the manner you have assisted us all to achieve this property transaction.

We will all be spreading the word.

The service you and Mark have handed to us has exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you  Meyer it has been a true Blessing meeting you and Mark without you this would never have been possible.

Wishing you every success with your launch of this amazing solution.

Have a great day."