Rent2buy – All you want to know

Take care to go though this comprehensive information as  purpose is to give you as much as possible information about Rent2buy – to guide you that you can make an informed decision and then we can look how we can work together how to get you to own your own home.

One of our recent success stories is a client who had a judgement against his name last year in January, we secured a rent2buy property for him as the judgement was paid up, and he improved his credit score to such extend that he obtained a home loan 8 months later. He recently took transfer of his own home. We were able to negotiate that the purchase price remained fixed for 12 months and he was able to avoid two price increases in the development during the 12 month rent2buy period.


The aim of rent2buy is to:

  • find a seller who is willing to wait for you to get your credit score improved that you can qualify for a home loan
  • The longer you are away to qualify for a home loan – like being out of debt review – we find that there are fewer sellers are “out there” – who are prepared to wait so long before the get their money from the sale
  • If you have few debt impairments – like late payments – your credit score may have improved in 6- 9 months and then you have a shorter rent2buy period and perhaps easier to find a willing rent2buy seller
  • If you find such a seller & property – you are welcome to bring the transaction to us – that we can assist to negotiate the deal for you.
  • An Instalment Sale – which we can also assist to prepare – can also be a solution – if you find such a property and seller
    • Read more about it in the attached document was prepared – “How to buy a property without a bond”.

Even if we may not have stock in your area – herewith some advice how to go about to find your own rent2buy property.


We just listed an exciting and up-market development in Gauteng

Click here to view Development

If this property is not for you – or in your area,  we suggest that you go and identify any property that you want to buy – ask the agent if it is rented out – or if the owners lives in the property.


You them make an offer, subject to a 100 % home loan, and submit it to the bank for a home loan.

If the home loan is declined, you refer it back to us to assist to negotiate to rent2buy.

You are welcome to send us the Offer to Purchase to us before is it is submitted to the owner/seller – just to make sure that the document is completed correctly.

As a matter of fact – over the past 5 years – most of the Rent2buy transactions came from clients who sourced their own Rent2buy properties and then brought it to us – to assist with the negotiations.

Read more – how to find your own rent2buy property

Become and expert to find your own home – read more


The ultimate idea of rent2buy is to give you time to get your life in order to apply for a home loan – be it credit profile problems or affordability.

Let us know if we can assist further – we have just been appointed by a niche bank to develop a home ownership programme for their staff which includes a “debt improvement and affordability improvement” programme.



To read more about the Rent2buy Concept CLICK HERE and to view the F A Q CLICK HERE

Rent2buy received wide recognition in South Africa and we already have a structured manner in how to “save towards a deposit” with the Rent2buy concept.

  • Meyer de Waal, who developed and fine-tuned the rent2buy concept, was recently interviewed by Fin24.

To follow the interview click here

Other media cover includes:

Meyer de Waal can negotiate a Rent 2 Buy agreement on your behalf once you have identified a property (please refer to the brochure for the cost of before mentioned)


Our prequalification process received good media exposure – as recently featured in Home News click on the link to read the article “Is this the game changer for prequalifying buyers?”

Go to 

This link can also be used by yourself to test your Rent2buy credit score and affordability to enable us to determine your rent2buy time line.

If you do not have internet banking – get in touch that we can assist with a manual affordability  calculation.